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The Law Office of Gerald Lefebvre is proud to serve: Okeechobee,
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Areas of Practice


Auto/Truck Accidents: Automobile or truck and/or semi-truck accidents comprise one of the most common types of injury cases.Our office is highly skilled in handling auto accidents of all types, including accidents involving 2 or more motor vehicles; bicycles being struck by automobiles or trucks; and, pedestrians being struck by automobiles or trucks. Auto Accidents
Slips, Trips, and Falls: Fall-down cases are also very common personal injury actions. These cases come under the category of premises liability actions. Usually, these types of cases consist of people slipping and falling in substances on floors within a business premises. There can also be incidents where a person is tripped by an object left on a floor, or protruding into aisles, etc. Our office has also handled claims against "big-box" stores when items stacked overhead fell on customers. Slips, Trips, and Falls
Wrongful Death Cases: When a person is killed as a result of an accident or by some other negligent act, our office is highly trained to quickly and accurately compile all information and all evidence that will be required to handle the claim to settlement or jury verdict. We are extremely understanding and sympathetic to the emotional loss and devastation suffered by the family. Wrongful Death Cases
Product Liability: If a product is in an "unreasonably dangerous condition" when it is manufactured, distributed and/or sold and causes injury to someone because of the defect, the manufacturer, distributor and/or retail seller can be held strictly liable for damages. Usually, the product has a design defect or manufacturing defect which constitutes the "unreasonably dangerous and defective condition" which imposes "strict liability" on the manufacturer, distributor and/or retail seller. The manufacturer and/or distributor can and usually is also sued for negligent design or negligent manufacturing. Product Liability
Medical Malpractice: If a person is injured because a physician or other health care provider or health care facility rendered medical or nursing care "below the prevailing standard of care", he/she/it can be held responsible for the injuries caused thereby. Medical Malpractice
Other Tort Claims: Libel, slander, emotional distress, civil rights violations, intentional interference with contractual relationships, and bad faith insurance claims are other potential torts which Mr. Lefebvre reviews on a case by case basis. Other Tort Claims
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